Gun battery

The USS Oklahoma City carried a gun battery of six inch and five inch guns. Working with the gun director and fire control computers in the Gun Battery Plotting Rooms the guns could engage surface targets, shore targets and aerial targets.

During World War II the ship carried four triple 6"/47 turrets and six dual 5"/38 gun mounts, or twelve six inch guns and twelve five inch guns. In addition, the ship carried numerous 40mm and 20mm anti-aircraft guns. After the guided missile conversion in the late 1950s only one triple 6"/47 turret and one dual 5"/38 gun mount remained.

Three 6"/47 guns were mounted in a triple turret. The turret was heavily armored to protect the guns and gun crew. The six inch guns were effective only against surface and shore targets, with a maximum range of 12.7 nautical miles.

Two 5"/38 dual purpose guns were installed in a dual mount. The guns were enclosed in a lightly armored gun house. The five inch guns were effective against surface, shore and airborne targets, with a range of 8.6 nautical miles and maximum altitude of 37,300 feet.

Other than training exercises, the OK City used its guns only to engage surface and shore targets, primarily in Naval Gunfire Support of troops ashore and against enemy installations.

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