A. L. Accommodation Ladder
A. P. After Perpendicular
A. P. Air Port
A. S. Angle Stiffener
A. T. Air Tight
Abt. About (Approximately)
Aft. B. After Body
Amm. Ammunition
Asst. Assistant
Aux. Auxiliary
B. C. Between Centers
B. E. Beveled Edge
Bel. Below
BH. Bulkhead
Bhd. Bulkhead
B. L. Base Line.
Bat. Batten
Bev. Bd. Bevel Board
B. K. Bilge Keel, same as Rol. K.
Bkt. Bracket
Boss. Fr. Aft. Bossed Frames Aft
Boss Plt. Boss Plate
Br. Dk. Bridge Deck
Bt. Dk. Boat Deck
C. &. R. Construction and Repair
C. A. Center ?
C. F. Cut From
C. Fr. Cant Frame
C. L. Center Line
C. O. Cut Out
C. P. Coaling Port.
C.P.O. Chief Petty Officers
C. R. S. Cold Rolled Steel
Ck. Countersink.
Ck. O. Countersink Other Side
Car. Carpenter
Circ. Circulating
Coam. Coaming
Compt. Compartment
Const. Construction
Cu. ft. Cubic feet
D. T. Dust Tight
D. P. C. Diameter ? ?
Dblr. Doubler
Det. Detail
Dia. Diameter
Diag. L. Diagonal Line
Dis. Discharge
Div. Division.
Dk. Deck
Dr. Door
E. Engineering
Eng. Rm. Bhd. Engine Room Bulkhead
Elec. Electric
Elev. Elevation
Emerg. Emergency
Eng. Engine
Equip. Equipment
Evap. Evaporator
Exp. Jt. Expansion Joint
Exp. T. Expansion Tank
Exist. Existing
F. Far
F. B. Flat Bar
F. Cant. Forward Cant Frames
F. K. Flat Keel
F. O. Fuel Oil
F. P. Fore Peak
F. P. Forward Perpendicular
Ft. Feet or Foot
F. T. Flame Tight
F. T. Fume Tight
F & N Far and Near
F. W. Fresh Water
Freebd. Freeboard
Flg. Flange
Fl. Pl. Flange Plate
Focstle. Dk. Forecastle Deck
Ford. Forward
Fr. Frame
Gals. Gallons
Galv. Galvanizing
Garbd. Stk. Garboard Strake
Gird. Girder
H. L. Horizontal Line
H. P. Hawse Pipe
H. R. Half Round
H. T. S. Heat Treated Steel ?
Hd. Head
Hlf. Bdth. Half Breadth
Hse. House
I. I-Beam
I. D. Inside Diameter
In. Inch
Incl. Inclusive
Inb'd. In-Board
In. Bot. Inner Bottom
Ins. Inside
Jt. Joint
J. O. Junior Officers
Jog. Joggle
K. Keel
K. P. King Post
L. Line
L. B. P. Length Between Perpendiculars
L. Dk. Lower Deck
L. H. Left Hand
L. L. L. Light Load Line
L. O. A. Length Over All
L. W. L. Load Water Line
Ldg. Landing
Lg. ?
Lkr. Locker
Long'l. Longitudinal
Lub. Lubricating oil
M. Dk. Main Deck
M. H. Manhole
M. L. Molded Line
M. P. Mooring Pipe
M. S. Mild Steel
M. T. Flametight
Mag. Magazines
Marg. Plt. Margin Plate
Med. Medical
Min. Minimum
Mk. Mark
Mld. Molded
Mld. Bdth. Molded Breadth
Mld. Dpth. Molded Depth
Mn. Main
N. Near
N. T. Non-Tight
Nav. Navigation
Nom. Nominal
O. D. Outside Diameter
O. S. Outside
O. T. Oil Tight
Offs. Officers
Op. Operator
Opg. Opening
Opp. Opposite
Ord. Ordnance.
Out Bd. Out Board
P. C. ?
P. D. ? Diameter ?
P. Dk. Poop Deck.
P. Mk. Pitch Mark
P. T. ?
P & S Port and Starboard
Pant. Stg'r. Panting Stringer
Perp. Perpendicular
Pl. Plate
Prot. Dk. Protective Deck.
Q. A. Quick Acting
Qtrs. Quarters
R. Radius
R. H. Right Hand
Rad. Radius
Ready S. Mag. Ready Service Magazine.
Rm. Room
Rivs. Rivets
Rol. K. same as Bilge Keel
S. A. Shaft Alley
S. D. Supply Department
S. P. Stern Post
S. R. State Room
S. T. S. Special Treatment Steel (armor plate)
Salut.pwdr. Saluting Powder.
Scr. Bhd. Screen Bulkhead
Sergt. Sergeant
Set. Tk. Settling Tank
Shltr. Dk. Shelter Deck
Sq. Square
St. M. Set Mark
Stbd. Starboard
Stgr. Stringer
Stiffr. Stiffener
Suc. Suction
Sw. Pl. Swash Plates
T. Tons
T. Top
T. S. Top Side
T. T. Tank Top
Temp. Template.
Tk. Tank
Torp. Torpedo
Trans. Transverse
Trans. Gird. Transverse Girder
Up. Dk. Upper Deck
V. T. Voice Tube
V. K. Vertical Keel
Vent. Ventilation
Vert. Vertical
W. Weathertight
W. C. Water Closet
W. L. Water Line
W. O. Warrant Officer
W. R. Ward Room
W. R. ?
W. T. Watertight
W. T. Flt. Watertight F. ?


What does "portable" mean on blueprints?